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  • Dr. Beth McCharles 

    Award winning coach and sport psychologist, Dr. Beth McCharles has been building championship teams for decades. An accomplished athlete and clinician she has competed and coached at the highest levels of sport performance. Dr. McCharles focuses on building a high performing culture across organizations, developing individual confidence, and empowering leaders to lead with excellence.

    Dr. McCharles has worked with a number of different organizations such as Nike Inc, OneXOne, Canadian University Sport, Canadian Armed Forces and Canada Basketball. Beth was the high performance coach for the U19 National basketball team that won the first ever gold medal at the FIBA World Championships. She has participated in 8 international games as an athlete, coach or sport psychologist and has over 15 years experience with top-rated universities as a lecturer, coach, consultant.  She currently serves as a High Performance Lead for coaches and athletes for Ryerson University Athletics in Toronto, ON.

    Dr. McCharles has a successful private practice in Toronto, ON; her clients consist of professional artists, coaches, executives and athletes.  Beth is also a facilitator and mentor with the Canadian Sport Institute, a professional consultant with the Canadian Sport Psychology and a board member for the Artists’ Health Alliance.

    Born and raised in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Beth has a BA of Human Kinetics from St. Francis Xavier University, Masters of Sport Psychology from the University of Ottawa, and a PhD of Behavioural Exercise Science from the University of Toronto.

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  • Performance Program

    This program caters to individuals who are involved in the performing arts. A tailored program is designed to educate, develop and inspire you to turn your hidden potential into reality, and with that allow you to flourish into a confident talent. Dr. McCharles will arm you with the training tools that will allow you to thrive in high-pressure situations, overcome nerves (stage fright), develop consistent motivation in your training, and create positive habits. This program will help you step through the door into your dream opportunities and profoundly expand your level of performance and professional image.

  • Sport Psychology Program

    After an initial evaluation, a personalize program will be designed to assist you in maximizing your athletic and intellectual potential as a high-performance athlete. You will also learn to utilize sport psychology tools to assist with conquering the pressures of competition, enhance motivation, deal with life challenges, developing a standard of excellence and create a performance edge. Just like any other physical skill, mental training is ineffective unless it is practiced regularly. It is not difficult or time consuming, but it does require you to be committed to improving yourself every day – in and out of competition.

  • When I was in my first year at Ryerson University, enrolled in the Theatre Performance Dance program, I was told by the director that “it (would) take a miracle” for me to be accepted into second year.  Being a very competitive program, the Ryerson Dance Faculty “cuts” students who do not meet their standards each term for the first two years of the four-year degree. I was one of those students, nearing the end of my first year.  This is when I sought out Beth’s assistance. Her guidance though various mind tools – imagery, visualization and goal setting, helped me perform a miracle that year.  These strategies and techniques not only got me through first year at Ryerson, but also ensured my success for the remaining three years, completing my BFA with honors.  By setting goals and writing them down, I was able to focus my intentions and enthusiasm to actualize my dreams!  In the spring of 2007 I performed in two music videos (Feist’s “1,2,3,4” and “My Moon My Man”) and performed at Massey Hall as a back up dancer for Feist. The skills I learned from Beth’s guidance and counseling has been integrated into my character and personality, which I can now use for the rest of my professional career - and my life. Dream and ACT on it.

    Gita Harris

    Professional Dancer
  • Working with Beth has been a transformational experience.  Her intelligent, sensitive guidance has enabled me to develop a set of personalized strategies that have dramatically improved my comfort level while performing. If you have issues with performing well when it counts then I strongly urge you to seek her out.”

    Neil Spaulding

  • I met Beth when I entered the Advanced Coaching Diploma through the Canadian Sport Institute. When Beth was assigned to me as my mentor little did I know that she would become not just a mentor for the program, but for my athletic endeavours. Beth become my performance psychologist and helped me overcome my fears coming back into athletics. Beth’s ‘guide on the side’ approach allows you to holistically see your performance goals and take ownership of your strengths and ways you can improve. With her I always feel like I am in control no matter what situation; I have Beth in my ear reminding me to be my best.

    Sasha Gollish

    Pan Am Games Bronze Medalist 1500m
  • "Working with young adults who have had limited exposure and lack of confidence and hopes of having them deliver a new and unique program was a challenge in so many ways. Beth's work with our community members, educators was truly inspiring to see. She connected on a level with the group that others in this country have tried to do for years. Trust was gained and an "I can do this" attitude became the mantra for these individuals. Beth's abilities to challenge, motivate and coach is something that doesn't come from books, it is a rare talent. Beth was a key factor in the success of the program delivery."

    Leigh Anne Dingwall, B.Comm., M.HRM.

    Former Director of Programs & Development, ONEXONE Foundation
  • The results of Ms. McCharles involvement with our team were fascinating. I watched athletes go from an unsure and doubting state to a confident and believing group all because of Ms. McCharles ability to guide each of them through mental skills coaching. At the 2008 Championship in Holland the Canadian Forces Women’s Team performed with great pride and confidence due in large part to Ms. McCharles.

    Chad Beaulieu

    Former Women’s Soccer Program Coordinator and Head Coach Royal Military College of Canada
  • Being a dancer I sometimes forget that my body and mind are very, very similar to that of an athlete's. And in forgetting this I bypass a lot of treatments that athletes look for and receive to improve their performance and strengthen their abilities. I came to a point in my dancing where I needed to step outside the box and take a look at it from a different angle. I worked with Beth on my mental strength and preparing for performance; in rehearsal and on stage. I cannot put into words what a help it was and how far I had come in my dancing thanks to the psychological training I learned from Beth. I still practice the techniques she taught me and they are still a great help to my dancing today. Thank you Beth!

    Christina Giannelia


Performance Coach

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